5 Interesting Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Making Money Online

Hey guys, Shane here with digitalbusinessprep.com. In this article, I want to talk about why blogging is the best way to make money on the internet right now. That’s right, I said it. Right now, blogging is the best way. You may have heard many other ways like Amazon FBA, Drop Shipping, or Shopify. There’s a lot of ways to make money on the internet, but I really wanted to talk about why blogging is the best way.

Now if you’re new here, my name is Shane. I am the co-founder and lead instructor at digitalbusinessprep.com. We actually teach people how to build digital businesses from the ground up. I myself am a digital business owner. I have a number of websites that I’m going to talk about in this article, so stick with me. I have five reasons why blogging is the best way to make money on the internet. Let’s just jump right into the first reason.

Blogging is the best way to make money on the internet because it’s passive income

Reason number one, it’s passive income. One of my websites is Baby Schooling. I have a number of websites and Baby Schooling is one of my niche blogs, which talks about baby stuff. When somebody comes to this website and browse around and they buy stuff, say for example they get to the article about carpets. I created an article about the best baby walkers for carpets. In this article I’m talking about carpet stuff. For example what are the best baby walkers for carpets?

I write articles about a topic and then link to products related to that topic

When somebody comes to this page and they click on the carpet link, they’re going to go to Amazon. Embedded in the link is a little ID, babybchooling-20, and if they buy something, this ID will tell Amazon that I sent them to there. So in this case, I would get commission for this sale. In this case specifically, I get between four and five percent, so this is always happening behind the scenes.

This entire website is built on the back of SEO, which is search engine optimization, which is getting traffic through Google. This is one of the best ways and most passive ways I recommend people who are trying to make money on the internet leverage in their first pursuit.

I’m going to talk about more of that in additional articles, but this particular website is built on the back of SEO. What that means is when somebody Googles things like for example, best baby walker for carpets, or another one I have is best baby walkers for tall babies. If somebody needs a walker specifically for a tall baby, I’m there recommending.

I make money because they bought a product on Amazon that came from my seller’s ID

If I were to Google best baby walker for tall babies, my blog would come up right there at the top. If somebody clicks this, my blog is going to show up. They’re going to through the recommendations and they’re going to click this Joovy Spoon Walker, and they’re going to buy it, because I’m upselling, I’m selling it to them with this piece of content.

That brings me back to why blogging is such a great business model, which is because it’s passive. This is always happening 24/7 while I’m sleeping. It’s important to understand that as a function of what’s going on. Building these websites is a very passive activity, and blogging facilitates that. So, that’s the first reason.

Blogging is the best way to make money on the internet because it’s an owned asset

The second reason is that the blog is an owned asset. Right now I build this website on WordPress, which is very easy to do. It’s a free platform. I made a couple of modifications to the design to make it a little bit more fresh and clean, but these websites can be sold as individual assets. I actually recently sold a couple of my own websites.

If you read my story, you’ll know I’ve actually made almost a million dollars from those sales on platforms like Empire Flippers. If you’re not familiar, this is an entire marketplace where people buy and sell online businesses. Blogs are online businesses. They’re digital businesses. The reason why I’m so gung ho on this stuff is because they’re still relatively unknown. Most people don’t understand how these things work.

Right now, to buy a blog in the sport and outdoors niche, it’s going to cost you about $130,000 for something that’s making about 4K per month. If you view one of the listings on Empire Flippers, you can see they’ll give you highlights. They’re not going to tell you what it is because they don’t want everybody to know what they have done. The owner of this website doesn’t want to broadcast the fact that they’re out here making this money.

They give you a little more details to kind of give you an understanding of the financials, but the point I’m trying to make here is that blogs can be your own owned asset where you can sell it like a house, or like a car.

But the thing is cars depreciate once you drive them off the lot. Homes take a lot of maintenance. Websites are pretty much maintenance free generally, and they are extremely valuable once you get up to these ranges. And to get to $3,000 per month is not that hard. I’m not going to go into the details about how to do that, but it isn’t that hard.

But anyway, that’s the second reason. They’re owned assets. And this is just one marketplace. If you go to FE International, which is actually where I sold my website, that is another professional website broker. Basically they act as a way to find buyers for your website.

I went to these guys, got an evaluation for my website, they ended up finding a buyer and I sold it. It was a very smooth process. A little stressful, as selling things that you own tend to do, but they exist.

These things exist. They didn’t even exist five years ago. That’s important to understand because that’s a big reason why blogging is such a great business model right now, and it’s relatively new … It’s pretty much flying under the radar. So, that’s the second reason.

Blogging is the best way to make money on the internet because it’s personal branding

The third reason is personal branding. Building a blog around yourself is important. Say you have a skill. You’re a carpenter, you’re really good at it, and you want to kind of elevate or get paid more. You can go the normal route and just work your normal trade jobs and go through the process like that, or you can build a blog around your skills, basically telling people how to do carpentry. Even DIY.

One thing I would recommend is, when I’m talking to people who want to get into websites, there’s a lot of people that would pay to know how to do what you do. One example is carpentry, for DIY homeowners.

I actually know a guy, his name is DIY Pete, diypete.com and below is his website. He’s a blogger and he just tells people how to make things on the internet. He’s basically doing home improvement stuff. Now, if a carpenter were to come to me, I’d say, “Just copy what he’s doing. Just pick the same things. What are you good at? Just copy it.”

Creating a personal brand though your blog gives you visibility

To make a website like this is very easy. It may look complicated, but it really isn’t. In the future I’ll create an article about how to make a website like this and just copy it. This guy is doing great. He makes multiple tens of thousands of dollars per month between sponsorships and affiliate links. His personal brand is skyrocketing. People want to work with him. Other brands want to give him free stuff to promote them. I’m sure he’s gotten lots of job offers to partner up on projects.

Your personal brand skyrockets because you get so much visibility, and things like this don’t happen without a platform like a blog, and you own it. Going back to my other point, you own these assets and it’s important for you to understand the gravity of what kind of power building a blog about yourself can give you.

My personal blog is Dutka Digital, although it’s kind of empty because I haven’t had time to work on it, but this is sort of where I’d stick all of my personal stuff. Eventually what I want to do is talk about some things that I’m interested in. I don’t necessarily need it as a way to make money because I’m making money with my other websites, but it’s just a thing that I’m working on just to put myself out there to help facilitate relationships.

Meeting people through the internet with platforms like these are incredibly valuable and it’s almost impossible for you to measure the impact they can have on your success.

Let me tell you a story real quick. I actually met a partner I’m in business with now, through my personal blog, and I wouldn’t have met that person otherwise. They found me and they started reading my content and the stuff that I was writing about. “Man, this guy really knows his stuff, so let me partner up with him. We can do cool things.”

Obviously you’ve got to kind of go through the courting process and just understand, okay, does it make sense to work together? But once you get past that you realize that there can be value here. We can make money together.

So I want to just reiterate the value of building a personal brand with a blog, and it’s incredibly valuable. It’s hard for me to really emphasize and get through the value there.

Blogging is the best way to make money on the internet because it creates a platform

The number four reason is, it creates a platform. This links in with personal branding. Building a blog creates a platform for yourself to spread your message. Whether it’s about carpentry, or maybe you’re an electrician or a photographer, a dog walker or a babysitter.

There’s so many niches that exist on the internet to just carve one out for yourself. There’s just a million ways to make money. Internet blogging is the best way, because you create a platform for yourself to talk about this stuff.

To do something like the DIY blog, you can talk about concrete tops and how to make a concrete counter for an outdoor kitchen. You can write up a thousand words about how you do it, and recommend all the products you use. The products then link back to Amazon where the reader can buy them, and you earn a commission on the sale.

He’s making money if somebody buys them off Amazon, by clicking through from the links on his blog. That’s important to understand because now he’s making passive income, going back to my first point. Blogging provides so much opportunity for you.

Blogging gives you a platform for passive selling

One thing I wanted to call out, blogging is just one word people use to describe this business model. It goes by other names, personally I call it digital publishing because that’s what it is. You’re publishing on the internet digitally.

This used to be newspapers. This used to be magazines. Like New York Times or Today’s Homeowner Magazine. It used to be just magazines before the internet. Now websites have replaced it, but it costs nothing to make a website. Before, it would cost millions to run a successful magazine to create distributions.

That was the old way. The new way is websites. Creating a blog creates distribution for a message. You can create a distribution for your own message, or you can create distribution for someone else’s message and they can pay you for that as a service. That’s what advertisers do. I’m sure he’s advertising.

Obviously this is a different way to make money with his DIY audience, but you can see the opportunity that building a blog creates. It makes you open your eyes to all the opportunities here. He even has a Youtube channel he’s building on top of his blog, which is what I would recommend after you have established your blog.

Blogging is the best way to make money on the internet because it creates leverage

The fifth and final one, is that it creates leverage. Giving yourself the ability to create leverage is so valuable. If you create a blog and a platform, and you do your personal branding, you have leverage. Right now DIY Pete has leverage. He has an audience. He can use that as leverage to get what he wants elsewhere. Say he wants to maybe create a new drill or new hand tools and he wants to get into that kind of market, he has leverage that he can use to negotiate pricing.

He can convince manufacturers of drill tools that he has a certain audience. He’s going to get this many sales immediately with this tool. He can negotiate better pricing, because he can guarantee with confidence that he’s going to sell a certain amount of drills.”

And not only that, but it creates an authority around this, so he’s automatically put himself in a different conversation because his blog exists. If he wanted to do power tools, get into that market without this blog, it would be very difficult.

You can see the value that comes with leverage. Maybe Pete wants to build another website, and he wants to partner up with another website builder that wants to build his own blog.

That person would know that DIY Pete puts himself in a different category of website builders so he can have certain conversations and create certain strategic negotiating points that he wouldn’t have otherwise.

That’s my fifth and final point that I really wanted to cover. My name is Shane with digitalbusinessprep.com. Personally I’ve made almost a million dollars from my blogs and my websites and my digital businesses, and I built digitalbusinessprep.com to help other people do the same thing.

There’s a lot of things to talk about when it comes to blogs, and I have a lot more websites and secrets to share with you guys.

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