4 Bulletproof Ways To Make Money Online For Free (2 You’ve Never Heard Of)

Hey there, Shane here with digitalbusinessprep.com and in this article I’m going to talk about four different ways to make money on the Internet for free. Yes, for free, it’s not going to cost you anything to start.

You can do it for free four different ways. One or maybe two of the ways you have never heard of before in your life. Anyway, if you’re new here, my name is Shane. Again, I’m the co-founder and lead instructor of digitalbusinessprep.com. I teach people how to build digital businesses from scratch into real actual businesses that make money every month.

These are passive businesses that make consistent income every month while you sleep. Up to this point, I’ve made almost a million personally from online business. Let’s just jump right into how to make money online for free right now.

Make Money Online For Free With Surveys

So how to make money online for free four different ways. The first way is via surveys. If you’re not familiar with surveys, there are a lot of companies and corporations out there that would pay people to take surveys.

That’s what they need. They need data to make marketing decisions. They’ll pay people to take surveys for them for free. Basically just paying you some money to do it. There’s a number of services out there. All you have to do is Google it, but basically how it works is you take online surveys and you make money.

Generally in the form of gift cards and they go into companies, brands, and organizations around the globe. They’re looking for opinions of people just like you to shape the products. Basically they need people to help them decide, should a product be blue or should it be green, do you like this or do you prefer that?

Make Money Online For Free With Surveys

They pay people to do that and that’s essentially the entire business model. I’m not going to go too deep into detail but it is a way to make money. It’s very quick, but very short term, very short lived. It’s not a sustainable way to make money. It might be some extra money on the side, but you’re not going to quit your job. So that’s number one.

Make Money Online For Free With Retail Arbitrage

Now number two is what I’m really interested in talking about, retail arbitrage. This is one where it’s a little nuanced. You may have heard of it, maybe not. But there’s a couple of different ways to think about it. Arbitrage is basically when you have a discrepancy in the market.

You have the same item, for example a towel, and you go to Walmart and you see that towel selling for $5. Then you go to Amazon, you see it selling for $10. That’s arbitrage. You can make money on that. So you buy it from Walmart, you sell it on Amazon, and you make $5 profit. That’s basically retail arbitrage.

How it usually works is there’s clearance sales in one retail store whereas another retail store is selling the same thing but not on clearance. That could be one way. The second way that is actually the more interesting way that I want to talk about is deals sites. Because of the way the Internet is shaped right now, there are a number of deals sites that have popped up to serve a certain need in the market.

Let’s specifically talk about Amazon for a second. The way Amazon works is that it sells its own stuff on this platform, but other people also sell their stuff as third party sellers. If you browse through the products you may see something called FBA. For example say you are searching for knee pads. Some of the products are listed as prime, this is a FBA, or a “fulfillment by Amazon”.

Amazon is fulfilling this product on behalf of the third party seller. This means that this brand sends their products to Amazon’s warehouse and they store them there, and Amazon fulfills the order and delivers it.

Selling products through fulfulment by Amazon

But in order to get listed here, this is where it gets really interesting. In order to get listed here, these sellers have to sell a certain amount of stuff. The way Amazon’s algorithm works is that it wants the best sellers to be on top. So if you’re a new seller, how do you get here? Well, you have to give away a lot of product. There are actually services that exist to do nothing else, but allow people to give away product.

The way that works is through a service like for example, Rebate Key or Elite Deal Club. Amazon sellers will list their products here, but they’ll give it away for free. So you can go to Amazon, buy it for full-price, then go to Rebate Key and put your order ID in the platform.

It will give you a space to do that, and you get paid that amount of money back. So basically Rebate Key will pay you and then you’ll get the product for free. Then you can go and sell the product somewhere else. And that is how it works! Now the reason sellers are doing this is because they want to get ranked on Amazon.

They want to be here, they want to be in the position, number one, two, and three. But the only way to get there is to sell units. But if you’re new, nobody’s going to buy your stuff. So you have to give it away. And that’s where it comes into play.

This whole entire ecosystem did not even exist maybe two years ago. This is super new stuff. If you hadn’t heard of it, I hope you check it out because it’s amazing. We use it ourselves. I have my own products here. Wonder Comfort is one of our brands. We actually did the same exact thing on Amazon. We’re doing it right now, we’re actually giving away some units just to get ranked so that people will find us and they’ll buy at full price eventually. But we had to give away some for free using a tool like Rebate Key.

Now this is where it gets really, really interesting. There’s another deals site called Elite Deal Club, and this is for rebates. This is coupons. You sign up, you give all your goods, your email, your data, they’re going to send you an email and it’s going to say new deals available, click here to subscribe, click here to claim the deal, whatever.

And what’s going to happen is you’re going to get a coupon, a deep discount coupon, it’s going to be 99% off, and then you can go on Amazon, and buy it for basically for free.

In this case, you actually don’t even need to pay, you’re going to get your money for free off immediately. Whereas Rebate Key, you have to actually wait for 30 days.

You can give rebates or coupons through deal sites like Elite Deal Club

Sometimes the deals are better here though. So maybe just subscribe to both and see which ones you like. But basically the idea is you use a coupon and you go to Amazon, use the Amazon coupon, you get your thing for 99% off and that’s it.

And then once you have it, you can go to these buy, sell, trade things like Amazon, or eBay, there’s so many places you can go. You could just go and list furniture, electronics, various things, and you could sell them on Amazon or on Facebook and make money.

Didn’t cost me anything to do it. You get the point. Now these are two things that didn’t even exist two years ago because this need for Amazon sellers to give away product in order to get listed on Amazon as a seller didn’t exist two to three years ago.

You know what I’m saying? This is relatively new, I am sure more marketplaces are going to be popping up. These are the two that I’m most familiar with. So I’ve definitely checked out both of them. Again, retail arbitrage is what this is called. And it can be a good way to make money, although it could require that you’re going to have to put in some work to do it, and it’s not sustainable because you’re always going to be searching for the next thing. So this is one way to do it, you can use Facebook to sell this stuff, or you can use eBay, whatever. That’s the second thing.

Make Money Online For Free With Blogging

The third is blogging via a website. If you don’t know who I am, again, my name is Shane. I’m a co-founder and lead instructor at digitalbusinessprep.com. My background is blogging. I have blogging websites and I have a lot of them. I have a baby one that I use as a teaching tool quite a bit. I have a jewelry one. I have a coffee one, I have a whole bunch of them. These are blogs, and these make money passively. This is the number one thing I teach on the website right now. And the way it works is essentially I will create content on this blog and I will get ranked with Google organically. And once people click my website, they’ll go to Amazon and they’ll buy on Amazon and I’ll get a commission. It’s called affiliate marketing. So one example is walkers for tall babies. I’ve created this content trying to target this word, “Walkers for tall babies”. So when somebody Googles this word, I want to come up ranked.

And when somebody sees me, they click me. So to explain, if someone searches Google for “walkers for tall babies”, my image would come up on the search results, as well as a link to my Amazon listing. If they click on the link and get taken to the Amazon site, there would be a unique ID in the link that tells Amazon that I sent this person to the website. If they buy something, I get a commission. And not only do I get a commission on the thing that I sent them there for, I get a commission on anything in their cart.

So if they buy this stroller and then they go and buy that toy and then they go and buy maybe some diapers or whatever, a lawn mower, it doesn’t matter. I get everything in their cart. This program is called Amazon Associates. It costs nothing to join this program and it costs nothing to build a blog and it costs nothing to write content. Just your time. You just need to have some time in order to rank. I can make as much as 10% on some things. Generally the baby blog is 4.5%, so I’ll make about 4.5% on anything I send people to buy on Amazon. If somebody buys something and they came from my link through the baby walker search, then I’ll make 4.5% on that, which is pretty good.

I make money through blogging by having links to products on Amazon

That’s pretty much it. Right now there is no cost, it’s free. This site is built on WordPress. If you’re not familiar, WordPress is a CMS, a content management system. It’s totally free to set up, totally free to use, and it’s really easy. It used to be really hard to build websites about 10 years ago. Today it’s extremely easy. It’s like push button, turnkey. You click the button, boom, you’ve got a website. I’m not talking about Squarespace or Wix. Those are garbage. Don’t worry about those. WordPress is where I build all my websites. And the reason I use WordPress is because it’s so freaking flexible and it’s so optimized out of the box. And there’s so many ways to extend it in a way that’s cheap and almost free almost all the time.

So that’s all very important things. Now you can just get started for free. The only costs you would have is hosting for about 3 or 4 dollars per month. And that’s it. And you can build something very similar to this and start making money passively with this. The reason this is better than retail arbitrage is because it’s passive. Blogging and digital publishing businesses like this are passive. They don’t cost me any time, once the content is up, Google is ranking, I don’t have to work on it anymore. It’s done, it’s working for me. And I make money while I sleep. This is the best way, in my opinion, to make money for free on the Internet right now.

Right now I think I’ve made almost over a million dollars from my various businesses. My blogs are seasonal and I actually just sold one of my biggest ones. I did not work to do this. I maybe work three or four hours a week, but this is what’s possible once you have your blogs set up. I recommend you check out one of my other videos about why I think blogging is the best way to make money on the Internet in general. Check that video if you haven’t already. So that’s number three.

Make Money Online For Free With Youtube

Number four is blogging via YouTube. Blogging via YouTube is similar to blogging via a website, but it’s not yours. You don’t own YouTube, whereas you own your own website. Because you can own your own website, nobody can take that away from you. But YouTube, somebody could shut you down, like YouTube could shut you down. That’s the difference. Blogging via YouTube is very similar. It’s actually more vlogging. It’s video blogging. YouTube acts very similar to Google in a sense that you create content around a topic. People search for you on YouTube when you get video views and then people can click your links in your description and you can make money that way.

That’s an almost identical way to blogging, to make money. But I would recommend blogging more just because it’s more your own asset, which is one of the main reasons why I recommend it for people that are interested in this type of stuff. The biggest key difference here is again video. So you’ve got to be comfortable on video, whereas you don’t need to be comfortable on video with your blog. You can just write content. There’s no video here. I include a little graphic here, it’s not very hard at all. And all I do is just take a video of somebody else’s and then drop it on my content and that’s it.

I don’t actually create my own videos, so that’s pretty much it. But for YouTube, you’re going to have to create your own videos, but the same concept exists. You could just create, you can join Amazon Associates which is free. And then you maybe create content around the best baby walkers for tall babies, but the video version of that, and you would just create a link to this listing and you’d make money. And you can stick that link anywhere. Now again, there are little nuances here and there for using this in terms of compliance. You don’t want to get banned by Amazon and it’s not very difficult to follow. But again, it doesn’t require any time. It doesn’t require any money. It’s one of the best ways to make money. You can use YouTube or you can build your own website.

So those are the four ways that I wanted to talk about. If any of this stuff interests you, I teach building digital businesses from scratch. I myself have built many of these digital businesses while working full time before I even quit my job. This is all I do. I build digital businesses.

And I think it’s one of the best opportunities for people right now because it’s still so new, and it’s relatively floating under the radar. And if you take the time to learn it, you can potentially make a lot of money. So anyway, those are the four I wanted to talk about.

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