How To Make Money Flipping Websites? (4 Ways)

Hey there, Shane here with In this video, I want to talk about how people are making money flipping websites, specifically four different ways people flip websites and make money. If you don’t know what flipping websites is or how that works, don’t worry, I’m going to jump into all those little details right now. So let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

So, four ways to make money flipping websites. Before we even get into the specific ways, I want to talk about what it means to flip a website. What it means to flip a website is that is a buyer identifies a website where they can add a couple of small, low effort improvements, and then, ultimately, make a quick dollar on that site.

It works in the same way as like flipping a house. If a home flipper notices a house with a lot of potential, they might buy it for under market value and essentially add a couple of things that they see that could be done to increase its value quickly. They could knock a wall down, add a couple more bathrooms, and boom, they just made a quick $20,000 or $30,000 in profit. The same concept applies for flipping a website. If a website appears to be a under monetized or could use a new affiliate program or has some technical issues that are resulting in lower earnings, somebody with an experienced eye may see that and ultimately make a lot of money really fast flipping that website.

Today there are a number of marketplaces that exist to facilitate exchanges of websites. Empire Flippers is one of them, hence the name. FE international is another one. These marketplaces exist for buyers and sellers to get together to buy and sell websites. Now, why would a seller sell a website with a lot of potential? Well, generally for the same reason the seller of a house would sell a house with a lot of potential because they don’t really see the potential. They don’t understand what they need to do to take it to the next level usually because they’re inexperienced or not as sophisticated as the buyer. These marketplaces exist for sellers to sell and get rid of their website and ultimately, buyers are all over them looking for good deals.

For example, FE International and Empire Flippers are both higher level, more sophisticated marketplaces, where they act as brokers for the sellers, so they really represent the seller usually for a fee (generally 15%). On the flip side, the buyer is expected to be sophisticated enough to know if they’re getting a good deal or not. Of course, the seller is represented by these brokers, and they’re going to vet them thoroughly before advertising their listing to potential buyers. So, the buyers come to these marketplaces because they know they’re already seeing vetted opportunities, and the buyers know that they’re usually good buys, but there is still risk on the buyer’s side because they’re not being represented. But the seller side is being represented by the broker. The broker, like an agent, is sitting there trying to get the best deal for that seller. And when I sold my website, I felt really comfortable with FE International for my sale, and I felt comfortable that I was being represented. That was one of the biggest stressors, actually, I had.

Initially, I tried selling my website without a broker, which made me nervous because I might be taken advantage of without an experienced representative. Maybe I didn’t see the potential in my own site, and I was being flipped. That doesn’t really allow for an easy sleep. Now, these are two more sophisticated marketplaces. Flippa is another one that’s a little bit more hands on. Generally, the buyer and the seller deal with the sale on their own. I sold my bow tie site on Flippa, and it was pretty painless. I found a really good buyer for my site, and they had a pocket square business that they could tie into the bow tie business so it was really easy for them to make a quick buck on that. I didn’t have that same opportunity, so it didn’t really make sense for me to keep it. Plus, it was taking a ton of my time to operate. Anyway, so these are the three that I generally frequent and if you wanted to make money flipping a website, you could come here, as well.

Now, just getting into the specifics. Number one, when it comes to making money flipping websites, identifying sites that are under-monetized with potential. Right? I mentioned this earlier. I pulled up some examples here that I thought had some potential if I wanted to buy them, and let me break into each one. Right? So, again, my background is I built and sold two websites for over a million dollars right now, niche content websites, so I have a certain eye for what works and what doesn’t, what has potential. And this particular site has a lot of potential. Right? And the reason I say that is because they’re really not monetizing anything, but they’re using tools like Ahrefs. I could see that they have a lot of authority, so that means that they rank for their keywords that they want. They basically publish around, so Google will crawl their content and will rank them, generally speaking. Right? That’s good.

Now, the content on the site is very thorough. It’s very niche. Google has clearly identified this site as being in the pest control niche more or less, but the thing is, I don’t see them actually making money or sending money to Amazon or any kind of eCommerce or any affiliate program at all. Look, there’s not even ads on this website, right? So, they’re really not making money at all. It’s more of a very educational oriented site where there’s no incentive to make money, so you can very easily… Like for example, raccoon repellent. I know that there are a raccoon repellents on Amazon we could promote and make money on this article. Let’s see their best pages. Right? So, if I go to their top pages, I could see where there’s already lots of traffic. So, how to get rid of groundhogs? I know for a fact I could, let’s see, I could definitely take this content, and if I could get it to copy right, I can take this content and add product links to Amazon. Right? Again, I had a pest control site, so this definitely looks like something I would make a quick buck on and is really under monetized. Right? There is no affiliate links. There’s no links to Amazon. There’s no links to anything. We’re not making commission, right?

Now, another one, well actually even staying on this topic, right? There’s no Legion. Again, there’s so many ways I can improve this site. It’s unbelievable. And then, of course, going to the overview, you could see that their DR is quite high, so they are authoritative in the niche. If I were to take a quick look at their backlinks, I’d imagine I’d see a couple of solid ones in there that’s supporting this DR of 58. Yeah, I’ve got Wikipedia links, which are really good. We’ve got some French links here. WikiHow, which is good. WikiHow links are almost always [no file 00:06:57] which is fine, but they got some name links here. They’ve been around forever, too. You can see that the domain age is really old. They’re an old domain, so I would very much be interested in buying this website if I could.

Another website that’s under-monetized with potential, I found, Golf Clubs Guru, and you can immediately see that this is a pretty generic affiliate site in the golf niche. And it’s really active, clearly this person is building it right now. They are an Amazon affiliate. Here’s their disclosure. So, they are using Amazon affiliate unlike this particular site. So, if they come into this post, you can see… Okay, yeah, they are linking to Amazon if I were to click this, and you can see their tag is up here and they’re making some money. Where is their tag? Maybe they’re not even… Here it is. Maybe not. I don’t see their tag up here. Am I missing it? That is weird. Maybe they’re not in the program yet and they’re just linking, and they’ll update these links when they are approved.

So, basically, sometimes websites that are smaller, they don’t apply to the Amazon associates program because it requires a certain amount of sales per month to get approved, I think it’s three or 10 sales, I can’t remember. But if they’re smaller sites just starting out, they generally will wait until they have some traffic so that they can get approved. And it’s really strange that that linked not have a tag in it. Let’s try this one. Yeah. Okay. This one probably does. Let’s see. Here we go. I saw it just now. Yeah, tag Golfguru20, so you can already see that some of their affiliate links don’t even have tags in them so they’re not getting credit for them. It looks like they’re linking to a product archive pages, which I’m not even sure they can do. I have to look into that. I know that Amazon has certain restrictions to linking to pages like this instead of direct.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that there is an opportunity here, right? Just like you saw with the wildlife site, they’re not even… Including their IDs and all their links, another thing that I’m seeing quite a bit here, if you go to my jewelry site, you can see how I orient my content. Let’s see. I’ll show you if it loads. Loads. So, let’s go to ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. So, you see this table here? This table is here for a reason, as well as this second table, is to ensure that whoever comes to the site, one, they click and go to Amazon as fast as possible. Right? Because, really, I don’t make money unless they go to Amazon and buy, at least the Amazon associates program, that’s how it works. You want to cookie them, and in order for me to make money, they have to click this link. And you see my tag is right there, and then I’ll make money. They don’t have those tables here, so I can immediately add something like that to these pages and I would immediately make more money with this article. I could tell you right now that this site, looking at Ahrefs…

Let’s see, checking out at 2016, this is a pretty old site, assuming that date is correct. We could see… Okay, DR, 53. It’s pretty high, but they’ve been around for a long time and it’s a general upward trajectory, which is good. They have really high DR, not a lot of referring domains, so that’s interesting and a little bit of a red flag so I’d have to look more into that. Generally, I’d like at least 500 referring domains to support a 53 DR. If you’re not familiar with DR, it’s just a algorithmic, arbitrary ranking that Ahrefs will put on websites based on the links they see pointing to that website. Right? So, in this case, 53 is what they assigned for this website. I’m not going to dig into this too much, but high level, this looks like a good opportunity with a lot of under-monetization going on that I could flip it and make money.

Anyway, so moving on, I don’t want to take too long. Adding new monetization methods. So, there’s a number of ways to make money online with websites, affiliate programs through Amazon is one, obviously. If you’re not familiar with OfferVault, it’s basically a search engine for affiliate programs, so OfferVault is one big one that you can go and essentially search for offers. So, if I had a baby offer, I would just search baby, and you could see you’ve got Babybutik or something there. I don’t know what that is. Narwhal [inaudible 00:11:30] Safari, Family Pay Day. So, you get stuff that’s more or less relevant. You got to do a little digging to find offers that are relevant for your niche, but you can find some interesting stuff in there.

Digital products is another way you can add a new monetization method. So, if I had this Parenting Pod website, they’re similar to the previous… the golfing website, they don’t have that table. So, I immediately I would add a table in here like that if I wanted to buy this site, which I think checking Ahrefs, it had some good metrics when I was checking it out earlier. Yeah, 42 DR. Yeah, see these higher referring domains? That makes sense. 50 organic traffic, a nice trajectory, I believe. Yeah, good upward trajectory. This looks pretty good on that front without digging too much into it. So, I would add, maybe, those tables to this, but I would also add, maybe, a digital product component, maybe even ebook or something to see how that would perform. I really look to the bigger sites to see what they’re doing at that scale, to see, maybe, I would copy something they’re doing and just apply it to my website.

Pest Wiki is another one. This is an old competitor of mine when I was in the pest control niche. You can see that they are doing… Again, they have this little table here, which is similar to what I’m doing, but you can see this one thing I wanted show you, this Legion widget. So, another way to add a monetization method is maybe Pest Wiki was not using. This Legion widget, I know, in my experience, this can make you increase your revenue by, maybe, five to 10% depending on how you’re monetizing your… [inaudible 00:12:59] depending on the traffic you’re getting. This little Legion widget can give you a nice bump in revenue, depending on where you stick it and how prominent it is. So, that would be another way you could possibly increased revenue quickly.

Garage Gym Power is another websites saw, and I’m a crossfitter and I’m considering getting in the CrossFit niche in terms of niche content sites. And Trifecta is a popular… Trifecta, is a popular food, organic meal delivery service, and I know crossfit athletes tend to buy it. I buy it for myself, and I know they have an affiliate program. So, I would do Trifecta affiliate program, and I know that I could sign up with this program. And they have a pretty good program, I believe. 50% profit share, which is really good. And weekly learning, so this is a pretty good affiliate program. So, that might be something to bolt onto something like this if I was to buy this website and flip it and then immediately start ranking for the Trifecta keyword.

So, I would apply to that program, I would come into this keyword explorer thing, Trifecta. I would just look for Trifecta, all the keywords related to Trifecta, and I would try to rank for all of them with that site, right? Or Trifecta meals, and then I would just go do that. And I would do this. Yeah. So, this is where I would try to rank for Trifecta meals review, lawsuit, meals, blah, blah blah, blah, blah. I would try to rank for all of those and eventually try to monetize that content. And maybe through the email list of this website, I would also try to push people to buy those meal services, and that would make me good money and that would be a new monetization method I could make money quickly.

Number three, adding more content to an already authoritative site. So, looking at the Garage Gym Power, I could add more content around fitness. And fitness is a humongous niche, so it’d be very easy for me to just talk about more fitness related things. That goes into SEO strategy for niche content websites which I’ll make a future video on. But very easy to bolt on more content here. Going back to this one, I could very easily expand it various more types of bugs and rodents, and that would be a quick way to leverage the authority that this domain has already gotten. Another big thing I’m already noticing, this not secure thing here. This is not secure is a big issue. It’s actually probably hurting this domain in terms of rankings just because it’s not an HTTPS, which is a slight ranking [inaudible 00:15:30] that Google will measure. Essentially, it wants that little padlock, and it’s very interesting that this website has not implemented that.

Yeah, yeah. I might email David and be like, “David, you can rank higher if you just freaking switch this to a padlock. Basically, there’s… I’m not going to go into too much detail, but there was a big issue the last five years, I guess three to five years, that people were switching from these not secure sites to HTTPS, which actually changed the URL for the whole website. Which there is some SEO implications there, so I can understand why somebody would not do that because they’re scared they might lose their rankings. But it still doesn’t make sense to not do it these days.

And then, last but not least, fixing a broken/penalized site, could be another way you could make money flipping a website. So, basically, you would find a site that was penalized by Google, and you would usually get this for way under market value because the site owner is essentially giving up on the site and you would buy it and try to recover it, right? You as an SEO or a niche content site owner might notice something that they’re doing wrong. It could be technical where they’re just breaking something on their site, or it could be just something that, reworking everything and it might just jumpstart the domain. Generally, it really varies so widely why this might happen. It could be a link penalty, like the links they’re building to the site were spammy or not relevant or Google just devalued them all.

There’s so many possible reasons why this could have happened, but if you notice something standing out where it’s clearly you can fix it and have a reasonable chance of recovering the site, it could be a very lucrative way of making money through flipping websites, right? So, you would buy, you would fix it, and it would hopefully recover it, right? Could be a way to make money. The Garden Ambition is another one I saw, same concept, another site that has declined, fallen from grace, and is, I guess, slightly increasing now, which still far cry from where they used to be. I remember when I was building my site, Garden Ambition actually reached out to me, and I stayed very far away from them just because of I saw this and it was very scary. I don’t want links from a site like this just because Google has clearly said to me that they don’t like the site, too, so why would I like the site? So, anyway, that’s what it means to flip.

And then, I just had edited a note in here. Does the home page rank for the domain? So, if I notice that or Garden Ambition… If I Google Garden Ambition, right? Garden Ambition. Ambitions. So, they do rank for their homepage, which is good, that would be one sign of a penalized domain not ranking for that, or D-indexed in some cases, where that whole entire domain is taken out of the search results. That would be bad and definitely stay away from those sites. But it is ranking for their home page. That might be a good sign that there might be something to do in terms of fixing that if I wanted to fix it and flip it.

Anyway. That’s pretty much it. Those are the main four ways that you can make money flipping websites. Of course, you can dive into each of these in more detail. If you’re curious, I am considering buying a website and flipping it and actually documenting everything, so if you are curious or interested in that, you want me to create content around that and show you guys how all that works, leave a comment down below. Let me know you want me to do that. Just type, “Yes,” in the comments. “I want you to flip websites and show me how,” because I have a little money to work with, and I’d be interested to see if I could make some money doing that myself.

Anyway, my name is Shane at, where I help people build digital businesses from from scratch. I specifically specialize in niche content websites where I help people build those. If you’re interested, definitely check out the website, I have free trainings all the time, I’m teaching people how to do what I’ve done successfully. Again, I’ve made over $1 million from niche content websites, and I have a passion for it and I think it could change lives. So, anyway, but that’s that. I’m going to close out this video, and I will see you in the next video. Okay, thanks. Bye.

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