4 Step Guide To Find Hidden Niche Blog Ideas (+2 Examples)

Hey there, Shane here with DigitalBusinessPrep.com. In this article I want to talk about hidden niches, and specifically finding hidden niches. People are often focused on the same five to ten different niches. That’s things like health, fitness, food, movies, sports and outdoors, the same old niches that everybody’s focused on, and they’re really saturated.

There’s no more money to be made there. There’s just too many people and there’s too much competition. You need a better way to find niches that are less competitive and in this article, I really want to break that down and ultimately tease those out.

Example #1 – Best Osmosis Systems

Let’s jump right into it. The first niche I want to share with you is Best-Osmosis-Systems.com. This is a very interesting niche because it focuses on osmosis systems, and it’s still in the Amazon Associates domain. The biggest reason that most people tend to focus on outdoors, health, fitness, all those basic ones is because Amazon sells all that stuff and it’s really easy just to link to Amazon and just make money on Amazon as an Amazon Associate.

That’s generally what I recommend newbies do – if they are just starting out with building niche websites, just use Amazon as their first affiliate partner. But it’s limiting because Amazon, even though it’s big, there’s only so many niches that are on Amazon that you can make money with.

Best Osmosis Systems is different because it focuses on the industrial niche. I came across this niche in doing research for another website I’m working on. This is a really good example of something that’s out there and different, but still leverages Amazon as their main affiliate partner.

The industrial niche gets between six and 8% on referral fees. So, if they sell a $337 thing, on the low end that’s $20 commission. And I know they probably sell a bunch of these. If we view this domain’s SEO, we will see that they are very authoritative.

www.best-osmosis-systems.com is an example of a hidden niche

This is a good example of a really niche site that is different, but it opens your eyes to what’s possible. What are the different things that exist out there that you can talk about, that aren’t the same old five to 10 niches. Osmosis Systems is really a good example of that and I have one more I want to share with you.

Example #2 – ELD Devices

The next example I have to share with you is ELD Devices. Before we even jump into ELD Devices, do you know what an ELD Device is? An ELD Device is an electronic logging device, basically it’s a GPS tracking system for trucks. Very similar to the Osmosis System site, except this is not an Amazon site.

If we search Google for best ELD Devices, we can see we got Keep Trucking. How does this site make money? It’s not a link to Amazon, which is key. This is actually a lead generation form from the affiliate partner Buyer Zone. Buyer Zone is a lead generation tool for people who have various services essentially.

So if I am clicking around on the site, I’m going to be submitted to this company and they’re going to sell it to whatever vendor is offering the service. But you’ll make between 15 and $25 per lead.

elddevices.net is an example of a lead-generation site

Depending on how much traffic there is, that can be a lot of money. This gives you a sense of another way to make money and it’s not necessarily just the same old Amazon Associates Program, which everybody else is using. I really wanted to show you these two sites because they’re pretty awesome.

So how do you find more of these niche sites? There are a few different ways. FE International, Flippa, EF is OK But Hidden, Ahrefs Wide Net Approach are good places to look. I have four different ways and there’s more, but these are the ones I wanted to focus on.

Find Hidden Niche Blog Ideas on FE International

FE International is how I came across this site actually. FE International is a marketplace to buy and sell websites. Buyers come to look for websites to buy and sellers are trying to sell their current websites.

If you go into Buy a Website specifically, you can see all the websites that are for sale, and FE International is a little bit more open with their sites. I found the ELD website here while doing research for another article. I came here and just typed in the word affiliate in the search bar, and I kept scrolling through until I found the ELD site. Two things I noticed were display advertising and lead generations.

I found the ELD website by searching on FE International

Display ads and lead generation are very hands off. They’re almost as good as affiliate marketing, but it’s a little different because it’s lead gen. There’s a little bit of nuance there, but as I was scrolling through, they had a lot of information.

Launched in 2016, the business is an authority in the ELD Device industry thanks to it’s early presence in the space. So, they found it first with dozens of detailed product reviews and they are focused on user education. They go into all the detail, so you can see how ELDs are a niche.

Find Hidden Niche Blog Ideas on Flippa

Other sites exist for this purpose, like Flippa and Empire Flippers, but generally Flippa hides a lot of their niches. Empire Flippers is the other one. They hide almost everything. You’re not going to be able to do this type of research with Empire Flippers, you can sort of get a high level view, but until you actually provide a deposit, they’re not going to tell you anything really about the niche.

I would actually recommend going to Flippa, which is marketplace similar to FE International, but they’re a little more open with their listings as well. Some of them are confidential, but some of them aren’t, like this one right here, Blue Tees Golf. Maybe if you’re interested in golf or beginner’s golf swing tips, that validates the fact that golf is a good niche for you, but really what I want to focus on is hidden niches.

Niches that you didn’t really expect to be good. The way I would do this is hit website. I would probably pull up the monthly profit above say 1000 at least, and I would also be interested in content sites.

Flippa.com is another good place to find niche websites

I have this checked right here and then I hit search. Then you can see all the various ideas. One that comes up is a Travel lifestyle blog. So, travel and lifestyle is almost up there with outdoor sport. It’s a pretty obvious niche. So, I would not get into travel.

Another one that comes up is Venture Team Building, that’s interesting. Uplifting Today. Marketing Success Online, Gamer Roof. EDM Bangers. That’s interesting. Traveling Nomads, Our Travel Site, Fitness, DriveMy.com. That’s interesting. Crypto, GSM Score. Tourism Matter, getting more travel.

So, there’s obviously a lot of crap in here, but you might come across something that’s interesting.

Find Hidden Niche Blog Ideas on Ahrefs Wide Net Approach

The last approach I want to go over is the Ahrefs Wide Net Approach. Ahrefs, if you’re not familiar, is a keyword research tool, or an SEO tool. I use it for a lot of different things, but for this particular purpose to finding niches. Now in order to use this tactic, you have to understand how keywords work and the general approach to keywords.

When you’re doing research for your niche website, anytime you use the word best, like for example if you’d go to Google and type best curling iron – you’re looking for the best curling iron, you’re basically in a buyer mindset. You want to buy a curling iron, but you want the best one.

When you are already at that stage, you are ready to buy. That’s why generally the best X for Y type keywords are very competitive, or more competitive than informational keywords. So using that knowledge, we’ll let the keyword drive our approach to finding a niche. So on Ahrefs Wide Net Approach, if I type in the word best, I’m also going to type in the word for.

Best for. Then I will select “having same terms”. So, if I typed the word best and for, it’s going to take the word best and the word for and it’s going to insert keywords in all the spots around them.

Ahrefs is a great keyword research tool

As opposed to phrase match where it locks the two words together and only adds keywords on the outside. In this case, ‘best for’ is going to be ‘best’ variable and then ‘for’ and then anything. You will come up with a lot of results, but I filter a lot of these out, to max 20. Some of the results that come up are, a vacuum for pet hair. Now we’re getting somewhere. Mattress or side sleepers, cologne for men. So, this is going to drive your niche research.

We see a pet niche, neck pain, maybe the comfort niche, mattress niche, men’s cologne sense niche, walking shoes, shampoo for hair. So, hygiene niche, multivitamin, hygiene, wallets for men, shoes for nurses, shoes for flat feet. You can scroll through the results and just look for something that stands out as different.

Most of these are not standing out to me, I would be looking for something that is product centric, or lead-gen centric Monitor for photo editing. Dehumidifier, primer sex toys. Sex might be interesting. IDE for Python. GP for mining.

Some of these may be too far out there but you don’t have to be an expert in any of these things because you can hire experts or you can hire somebody on Pro Blogger. You can hire a writer who knows this stuff to write it for you. You just need to identify the niche as an opportunity and foundation.

You get the idea here. You just keep going through the results until you find something that looks interesting. This might take an hour just to go through them all and you might even want to maybe just make the results smaller, go really uncompetitive and see what’s out there. Hopefully this helps narrow that down.

Find Hidden Niche Blog Ideas on Buyer Zone

There’s one more topic I wanted to talk about and that’s basically going the other way. So this was a keyword approach. We want to go lead-gen approach or we want to go tools approach. Buyer Zone is one I want to talk about.

This is a lead generation service. Basically you sign up with them, they pay you if you send them leads. You an see some of the categories they have, then go to Ahrefs and see if these categories make sense to get into. Let’s pick on as an exacmple, CNC Routers. We Google it and see what comes up.

Buyerzone.com pays you to send them leads

Drill Press View comes out right on top. This is a whole niche website. Then we can check if these guys are making money by searching for them on Ahrefs. They’re relatively small and they’re making not a terrible amount of money. To me, this is a decent niche site.

If you find a niche, refer back to Ahrefs to see its value

Anyway, that’s the final tip I wanted to take. This is my process of finding hidden niches. I hope it was really helpful for you. There’s a lot of money to be made on the internet. Finding niches like these can make you a lot of money and keep you on track and ultimately preserve your competitiveness in the space. Because just less people know they exist.

My name is Shane, I am the Lead Instructor and Co-Founder of DigitalBusinessPrep.com. If you like this stuff, we’ve got more articles coming so stay tuned.

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