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February 2020 Blogging Income + Strategy

IMPORTANT UPDATE – I just started a free Facebook group sharing what I know about how to build a successful blogging businesses. Click here to join for free and ask me questions!.

Shane here with a February blogging income update!

I just finished tallying up the earnings for my blogs for February and wanted to let you in on how they performed.

Plus… what worked, what didn’t work, and what I’m planning to do to grow them in the coming months…

Check out how my blogs did in February

Specifically, in this video, I review:

  • 2020 February earnings from the 3 blogs I had online
  • 6 things that worked to grow my blogs
  • 1 thing that didn’t work
  • and the 3 things I plan on doing to grow them in the coming month

I figured letting you in on what’s working for me, to spark some ideas for yourself!

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