We Provide Focus, Help You Avoid Common Mistakes, And Give You The Confidence To succeed.

Our Mission & Guiding Principles

The Digital Business Prep Mission: To build a one-stop internet marketing learning center with active and proven practitioners teaching winning business models and the underlying skills needed to execute those models.

That said, there are 3 core principles that govern everything we say, do, and teach to uphold that mission. Those principles are:

Provide You With Qualified Focus

There are A LOT of ways to make money on the internet. People often get distracted between Instagram, YouTube, podcasting, email marketing, Facebook, affiliate marketing, funnels, SEO, blogging, influencer marketing, e-commerce, Amazon, and the list goes on.

There’s so much opportunity; it just becomes a distraction. Most people get “shiny object syndrome” and bounce from idea to idea without ever accomplishing anything. 

That’s why we give you intense focus on a singular goal and NOT just spinning your wheels and burning out without ever achieving success. 

And while focus itself is important, providing “qualified” focus is even more important. Any random “guru” can keep you focused on an idea, but it’s important that our advice be effective and come from expert sources who are actively implementing the business models and tactics they teach. 

It’s also important that each expert has a verifiable track record of success (i.e., a niche website entrepreneur teaching about building niche sites, an Amazon entrepreneur teaching about the FBA business model, etc). 

Help You Avoid Simple Mistakes

If lack of focus is the #1 reason people fail to find success when it comes to online business, making mistakes that could have been easily avoided with a little guidance is #2.

As a result, teasing out and helping you avoid common mistakes quickly is our 2nd guiding principle when creating our free content and paid programs.

Simple tweaks to a landing page or the structure of a blog post can make a huge difference in its performance. The time it takes for people to realize their mistakes can cost them months if not years of lost time (and money) spinning their wheels wondering what’s broken.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for anyone to promise you’ll never make a mistake. That’s why Digital Business Prep creates feedback loops within our programs to bubble up and surface common mistakes you may not even know you’re making.

Instill The Confidence You Need To Succeed

Being able to stay confident when the going gets tough is critical to success when it comes to pretty much anything in life and success in digital business is no exception.

Even if you have a bulletproof roadmap to success, it will still take time. And during those early days, you’ll need a support network to give you the confidence to keep getting out of bed and working on your project with the same level of motivation as you had on Day 1.

That’s where the 3rd and final guiding principle comes into play. 

All Digital Business Prep programs include dedicated communities of individuals and instructors to ensure you never fall off track and always maintain the confidence to keep going and succeed.

About The Team

Shane Dutka — Co-Founder & Lead Instructor

Shane is a former accountant turned professional internet marketer and digital business owner with skills in E-commerce, SEO, and affiliate marketing. 

Since 2016, Shane has built and sold a 5-figure e-commerce business (selling bow ties) and a 6-figure niche site businesses (pest control niche) without ever hiring a single employee.

Shane brings a scrappy attitude and unique set of skills helping him get things done fast with minimal resources. 

Bringing his sage advice and counsel to the DBP team, Phil is a 20 year veteran in the digital business space, owning 5 different online publishing businesses spanning the human resources niche and the ultra-competitive finance niche.

With a team of 70+ employees Phil has been able to grow the top line of his finance business to 8-figures of revenue per year and his HR business to 7-figures per year of top line revenue.

Where Shane brings the perspective of a small agile operator, Phil provides DBP students with strategic guidance cultivated from years of experience running larger digital businesses.

Phil Ash — Co-Founder & Business Strategist
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