3 Questions Bloggers Should Be Asking To Growing Their Blogs

Hey there, Shane here...

Just wanted to record a quick video showing you the 3 main things bloggers should be doing to grow their blogs and how I personally address these things in my blog portfolio.

#1. Bloggers need to figure out how to create more content in less time (I Google Forms + ProBlogger + an internal training hub for this)

#2. Bloggers need to figure out how to build more backlinks to their blogs... in less time (I use Scrapebox + Keyword Shitter for this)

#3. Bloggers need to learn how to pull in more traffic from their existing content (I combine Webmaster Tools + Google Analytics for this)

Are you seeing a theme here? It's all about leveraging tools and processes to do more in LESS TIME.

Check it out!

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